• The Powerful yet Fragile Exhibition

    The Powerful yet Fragile Exhibition

    Two images are part of Women Photographers of Connecticut group photography exhibit centering around Connecticut's waterways. The Powerful yet Fragile: Connecticut Waterways at Stamford Museum, CT will be on view from February 18 through May 29, 2017.

  • CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

    Had the pleasure of working with Bob Sacha during May'16 workshop through CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, on Visual Storytelling. This was my 2nd workshop and I'll be back for more!

    The goal: tell a story without the use of 'talking heads,' a phenomenon that occurs all too frequently with video. My partner, journalist Issam Khoury, needed to attend a live demonstration mid-workshop, thus I fell back on familiar ways to complete the project.

    I highly recommend CUNY for skill-set building. Great venue (heart of New York City) and instructors are pros with years of industry experience.

  • Creative Generosity Builds Communities

    October - December 2015
    Completing portrait projects in the name of volunteerism helps people connect, reflect and put their best face forward in their job hunt.

    Click link for story:
    Creative Generosity Builds Communities

  • WIPI Archive YALE / BEINECKE Library

  • Connecticut Women Photojournalists Group Show

    Westport Connecticut Library April 2015
    Collection by twenty journalists showing daily assignment
    works - news to features. Collection contains over 80 photographs.

  • Connecticut Women Photojournalists Group Show

    December 2014 - January 2015
    Collection by twenty journalists showing daily assignment
    works - news to features. Collection contains over 80 photographs.
    at McLevy Hall - Bridgeport, CT.

  • Ten Questions with Margaret Waage

    February 6, 2014
    Featured post on The Hungry Ghost Collective

  • Angel

    November 11, 2011
    It's always in the least likely places that I'm inspired. A recent project
    photographing residents in nursing home was one such experience.
    I'd been to Assisted Living facilities before but this one was different.
    Skyview Center Nursing Home was comfortable and the people
    working there smiled - alot. I got the feeling of being cared for
    myself when Sue Brooks, Director, led me around introducing
    each person we encountered.

    There were two photographers involved - myself and Mark Acme.
    Sue and Skyview staff members curated our images which culminated
    in an art show reception.

    The 'Stories Through Photography' project was a unique opportunity.
    Sometimes people don't want their photograph taken, especially if
    they aren't feeling their best. The portraits are a glimpse at a population
    that is elderly but not without vanity. Seeing that was a moment
    of grace for me. I was privleged to work alongside an angel, Sue.
    A genuinly warm person, her caring is felt by all.

    See the senior portraits for this project here: 'Stories Through Photography'

  • Legacy Landscapes Photo Exhibit at Weir Farm

    September 8, 2011
    Take a book, blanket and lunch and visit Weir Farm National Historic Site in Wilton, CT.
    There's no time like the present to relax and be inspired by the great outdoors.

    A photo exhibit 'Legacy Landscapes' is on view through Oct. 9.
    For more information visit:
    Weir Farm National Historic Site

  • 'Nature Nourishes' Art Show

    Auguest 20, 2011
    Two images of mine were part of juried group art exhibit that opened
    Aug. 19: 'Nature Nourishes' Artspace Hartford, CT.

    The signature piece consisted of a huge antique table and chairs that were
    'dressed' in moss. Beautiful china settings were placed at each seat where
    the food looked like weeds. The collaborative installation by artists
    Lori Robeau and Karen Talbot signify what appears to be one thing
    is actually another. The wild plants are in fact edible nourishments.

    Groups shows are a wonderful opportunity for artists of different mediums to interpret
    a theme. From a social standpoint every one benefits from seeing one thought
    expressed by many.

  • W.Hartford, CT

    August, 2011
    Worked as Guest Editor, for W. Hartford, CT Patch.
    It was sad to cover a suicide symposium for the law enforcement sector.
    Four Connecticut officers took their lives this year and the organizer,
    Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement (CABLE), addressed
    PTSD effects and that effort, I hope will enlighten those who choose a
    profession that helps everyone, realize it's ok to protect themselves.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing an 18-year officer as he said good-bye
    to his partner of nine years,K-9 officer Kora, a beautiful female shepherd.
    The happy part of the story is Kora remains the officer's pet so their relationship
    while different, is intact.

  • Wedding Anniversary - Wow

    July 11, 2011
    A twenty year wedding anniversary doesn't happen everyday so I thought I'd mention it.
    I'm impressed!

    News editor on AOL media site for
    Canton-CT Patch.

  • News Editor

    July 4 - July 10, 2011
    Worked as local editor on AOL media site:
    Southington Patch.

    During the week I saw stories about animal rescue, an outpouring of support for two brothers whose parents died from a domestic violence murder-suicide, debate over a bonding appropriation for school overhauls, and live music performance on the town green.

    What is most telling about unrelated events is they each share a commonality - every one event can be broken down to one person and one story. Great to see people come together to assist others, research impact of a town budget or simply enjoy life.

    What you can do today can improve all your tomorrows’ - Ralph Marston Author

  • 'Legacy Landscape' CT Historic Garden Photo Exhibit

    June 19, 2011
    A collection of garden photography will be on view at:
    Kellogg Environmental Center Derby, CT
    Opening reception June 25th 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Photographs will be on display through July 23rd.

  • Look3 Festival of The Photograph

    June 3, 2011
    Completed photography workshop: www.look3.org
    What a interesting few days - shooting, critiquing and digesting
    as much photography related news, imagery as possible.
    The World Press Photo 11 exhibit was truly heart wrenching.

    Journalists, while not soldiers with guns, are soldiers of information.
    They put themselves in harms way in order to tell stories of
    inhumanity beyond comprehension.

    Whether photographers ourselves or not, we all share one thing in
    common - this planet. All men, women and children have a right to
    life and the basic necessities - food and water to survive.

    Take a look at war stories and those issues within our own county -
    poverty, joblessness, homelessness, illness, etc and see more truthfully
    about life.